Silvino De Carvalho


Hi! my name is SILVINO

Driven by results all my life, studied sports management as I thought it would be a perfect start to a passion-filled and fulfilling life.

After numerous times of being a victim of life and the breakdowns of life, being made redundant twice in my seven-year career. I had to learn that I have a choice, to not be a victim but to choose how I deal and grow from life’s breakdowns

I’m twenty-seven years old and have failed numerous times working for “the man”, being nothing more than a number and a tool to be used. All this for an inadequate paycheck to try and live an adequate “comfortable “life.

That type of Comfort for me is similar to the brown fleece Croc slippers I’m wearing, they are warm and ideal in the winter months, definitely not the most aesthetically appealing shoe. WHY DO THEY HAVE HOLES?

But I digressed, my point being the type of comfort I was laboring for was much like the Crocs that I’m wearing only seasonal and would not last the change in economic seasons and was definitely not something that made me feel proud of my self

I decided to take ownership of my own life after I was made redundant due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That is when I met my mentor Mr. Stuart Ross and became a Digital Marketer.

Now I work from home on my own time wearing my brown fleece crocs in the winter and slops in the summer. A quote that stuck with me during my teaching of becoming a Digital Marketer and I will end with this “If it’s important to you, you will find a way, if not you will find an excuse”