3 Tips to discover your passion

Why is it important for you to discover your passion? 

Passion is the difference between making a living and making a life, what you choose to do every day will it make you a life? 

When you work hard for something you don’t believe in we call it to stress when you work hard for something you believe in we call that passion.

Passion is not something you plan, you can’t put it in your schedule or 5-year plan. When you met your person/spouse you did not plan out to love this person. You had to put yourself out there and see if the feeling of love might be felt or not. The same goes for passion it is a feeling, not a plan.

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Change your source of dopamine 

Dopamine is the pleasure molecule. It is the desire to get up and do something, it is worth the time to do some research on how dopamine works to understand your mind a little better…..

Tone down the social media, Netflix, gaming, and YouTube videos and DO something else. In essence, what I’m saying is stop watching people live there life and start living your own life.

Remember I said tone down not to stop. Seeing a celebrity recommending a product or activity on social media can prickle some interest, but that is where you stop and take action. For instance, you watch a movie about horses or see a YouTuber go around a race track in a race car. 

You find yourself thinking I want to learn how to do horseback riding or see how fast you can go in a race car or motorbike.

When these thoughts and desires go through your mind. You must take action, find out where you’re nearest stables are or go go-karting track and experience life for yourself.


Expose your self to different forms of creation

If I ask you to TELL ME SOMETHING……. Not about yourself … not about your job…. Not about your day. Tell me something that specific something that you feel qualified to teach me and can talk about for hours, I dare even say obsessed about. For some it might be fitness for you it might be lawnmowers. That something could give you a close sign of what your passion is. Whatever that something is. You have to create something from it. ill give a few examples….

  • Share your knowledge and opinions: start a blog, or social media account around this specific topic. (Learn how to cut your grass into patterns for only $20)
  • Get involved in the community: offer to be a gym buddy or volunteer to marshal at a local race track.
  • Physically create: bake Cupcakes, build a go-kart…… 

Image doing something that you would do for free but getting paid for it. Keep in mind you can have more than one passion, you can exhaust a passion and develop a new passion. 


What will you be remembered for after your time is done on this earth??? 

My grandfather passed away a few years ago and as I’m thinking of him now and I can say without any doubt that his passion was nature and the wilderness. The many times we went fishing in the Zambezi river and experiencing the South African wilderness was invaluable. I can’t express the gratitude I have towards my grandfather for sharing his passion with me.

When the clock runs out on the time you had on this earth what would people say about you? If I had to answer that question I would guess people would probably “say he just could not catch a break”. Lucky for me I still have this day to change that in pursuit of my passion.


Why is it important to discover your passion?

When most people get asked what is it that they do? It usually goes like this: either their jobs, their career, or their mission.

  • Work is heavy, it’s exhausting and frustrating you get money for your time, right? Worst trade ever, in my opinion
  • Career is a bit better for that person they will put in a bit more than what they are being paid for. 
  • The mission is following a passion, no sacrifice you gain sustainable energy from doing it and no resentment or frustration

“There is no greatness without a passion for being great, whether it’s the aspiration of an athlete or an artist, a scientist, a parent, or a businessperson.”

-Tony Robbins quotes

Time for some REAL talk, this blog post is not at all monetized. My only purpose in posting this blog is to add value and to get some interaction from the readers.

I hope that this blog post helps someone, please leave a comment and let me know what you think?

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